Over a decade of shelf domination

March 5, 2020
For over a decade the Diggers products still dominate shelves in major Australian retail outlets.

In 2009, Goudie was briefed by Canadian based industrial products supplier Recochem, the owner of Diggers solvent products, to develop product packaging that would reinstate their number one position in Australian hardware’s and large retail chains such as Bunnings, Woolworths and Coles.

With over 200 products across multiple ranges the challenge was to create an economical solution that not only re-energised the historic V stripe and the longstanding Diggers logo, but also considered a more retail feel.

The resolution needed to be simple enough to accommodate a variety of colours and vastly different images, yet interesting enough to create shelf impact.

The result not only saw the Diggers range immediately reinstated to optimal shelf presence across all outlets, but it also has stood the test of time. This product range still stands proud today, over a decade later.

Diggers Methylated Spirits packaging before and after

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