Daywalk: A transformational change

February 11, 2020
When highly successful logistics company Omnituff decided they needed a brand refresh... they could have never anticipated the transformational change.

With over a decade of solid growth, this Australian based heavy industry supplier continues to forge a successful reputation amongst some of the world’s largest companies including Rio Tinto, BHP and Bechtel. The question beckoned, why change?

The company was evolving organically. Omnituff had earnt their clients trust by delivering extraordinary results with extensive project communication, service and innovation around safety that was incomparable within the industry. Overtime, this led to clients asking more from them, could they resolve more complex engineering problems? The answer was “yes” every time and they continued to grow exponentially. With extensive growth and evolutionary change, the current brand didn’t reflect the evolving position of the business.  

The company needed new thinking to create a direction that would ultimately change market perception from a products supplier to a solutions-based offering. Here lies the challenge. How do you shift perception when it’s so engrained?

Through a series of workshops our team set out to identify and crystallise the past challenges, future vision and formalise what the new brands purpose needed to be and then worked towards re-telling the story.

After much deliberation, a new brand name - “Daywalk”, and the brand promise -“Be Assured”, set the tone for an exciting new brand story.

With envigored motivation the company’s director Gary Menzies, said “the green light is about to flash ‘GO’. We’re embarking on the company’s most exciting chapter in its 20-year history. We have a mission to preserve lives with innovative tools and we are already influencing the way companies in the heavy industry sectors view safety and efficiency.”

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