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In the redesign of The Sea Ulcer brand, our primary goal is to encapsulate the brand's core essence – an innovative leader in aquatic technology that offers a transformative fishing experience. Our approach emphasises a deep connection with both seasoned anglers and newcomers, aiming to evoke a sense of belonging and excitement within the fishing community.

We envision a dynamic visual identity that vividly communicates the thrill and versatility of Sky Rigger, reflecting Sea Ulcer’s commitment to pushing boundaries in fishing technology. The messaging and tone resonates with a broader audience, creating consistency across all platforms. Beyond a product, the branding aspires to cultivate a community of fishing enthusiasts who share the excitement of Sky Rigger, positioning Sea Ulcer as a forward-looking leader in the evolving landscape of aerial fishing. Through authenticity and dynamic visuals, the redeveloped brand seeks to inspire adventure, foster brand loyalty, and elevate Sea Ulcer within the fishing industry.
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A dedication to contemporary Australian art, Hart Museum celebrates the legendary work of iconic, home grown painter Pro Hart, the current day prolific work of his son, David Hart, and the traditional indigenous works of renowned Aboriginal artists gathered from a cross section of tribal diversity.

This new destination is set to launch in the near future.

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