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Paul Uhlmann Architects

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With a formidable reputation built over three decades, Paul Uhlmann Architects continues to deliver outstanding architectural projects across Australia and internationally.

In response to the firms contemporary style, simplicity in identity is integral to ensure that the architecture itself is the showcase.
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With the recent addition of partners from the next-gen, a fresh and youthful direction had been injected into the firm’s operational ethos. Here lied the opportunity to grow from change.

The solid base-brand of ‘heritage through success’ at Burling Brown’s foundation, now there was the ability to explore and exploit a fresh brand direction through a direct connection to youthful innovation – the ultimate branding position to be in. As consistent ‘thought leaders’ in their aspirational market, the company vision needed to continue in providing innovative experiences through leading-edge design methodologies, while delivering practical solutions in both building form and function.

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