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Life can be immensely challenging for those who suffer from food allergies, where even a single bite of allergenic food can trigger life-threatening reactions. NeWDS - Allergenic Free Foods emerged as a beacon of hope, offering a solution that empowers allergy sufferers to lead a better quality of life without the constant fear and inconvenience of allergen exposure.

Creating a brand like NeWDS required a deep understanding of the unique needs and aspirations of allergy sufferers. It needed to convey trust, reliability, and most importantly, safety. Goudie Creative, renowned for its expertise in branding and storytelling, undertook the task of crafting a brand identity that not only communicated these critical attributes but also resonated with the target audience on a profound level.
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Natural Pearl is an innovative cosmetic product range that is derived from the oceans vitamins and minerals.

Targeted for an asian market, the brand unites an indulgence of natures purity and Japanese culture, specifically Geisha and Origami.

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