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At Goudie Creative, our approach to the brand development of Kollide is rooted in the belief that every innovation in education has the potential to create a transformative impact. Kollide, as a comprehensive online teaching platform, represents a catalyst for positive change in day-to-day learning dynamics for teachers, students, and parents. Our collaboration with Kollide is inspired by the idea that, much like the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly, meaningful change is essential for growth and progress in the educational landscape.
The FUNdamental Learning approach, a central theme of Kollide, aligns seamlessly with our philosophy at Goudie Creative. We recognise the importance of infusing joy and creativity into the learning process, understanding that true engagement leads to more effective educational outcomes. Kollide's commitment to making learning enjoyable resonates with our emphasis on creating brands that evoke positive emotions and resonate with their target audience.
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DAYWALK's drive to protect lives, through innovative engineered solutions and preventative safety training, created significant growth in heavy industries. Initially providing logistic and safety products for heavy transit, the company built a formidable reputation in the mining, defence and oil and gas sectors.

With solid growth from long standing relationships, the challenge for the re-brand was to shift current client thinking from Daywalk as a product only supplier, to innovative custom solutions.

From the ground up this brand was invested in. The scope for the rebrand included naming conception, re-positioning, identity, cultural education, marketing collateral, brand launch and ongoing communication.

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