The world's event market place


Arrow left embarked on a groundbreaking venture as the world's first global online marketplace dedicated to the corporate events industry. The unique challenge it faced was not only creating a brand that could adapt but also staying innovative in uncharted waters.

For iVvy, flexibility wasn't an option; it was a necessity. The corporate events landscape is dynamic, ever-changing, and demands adaptability. Therefore, the brand needed to mirror this core value in every aspect of its identity.

The project commenced with the creation of a name that would encapsulate the essence of iVvy. "iVvy" emerged as a symbol of innovation and adaptability, fitting perfectly with the brand's mission to redefine the corporate events industry.

iVvy's strategy revolved around being an agent of change. Its identity system was designed to be in a perpetual state of evolution, reflecting its relentless pursuit of new frontiers and pioneering initiatives.
Arrow left