See tomorrow. Today.


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As a respected world leader in advanced asset management systems since 2000, AssetFinda outgrew their current brand, identity and message. With considerable advances in their Asset management technology the communication no longer matched the sophistication of the offering, and they were in need for a rebrand.

The key benefit of asset management is that assists clients in making costly decisions on when to fix or replace degrading assets. “See tomorrow. Today” was created to reflect this concept and the brand was developed around this idea. For nearly a decade the identity has stood strong and lived through many acquisitions and mergers.  
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A dedication to contemporary Australian art, Hart Museum celebrates the legendary work of iconic, home grown painter Pro Hart, the current day prolific work of his son, David Hart, and the traditional indigenous works of renowned Aboriginal artists gathered from a cross section of tribal diversity.

This new destination is set to launch in the near future.

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